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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This software is NOT FOR MEDICAL USE and is solely for PERSONAL USE.

Minimum Computer Configuration:

  • Windows XP or later
  • Microsoft's DirectX version 9.0
  • 800 MHz Pentium 3
  • 128 MB RAM
  • A graphics card with 3D acceleration is required for some displays
  • A sound card is required for audio output

Recommended Computer Configuration:

  • Windows XP or later
  • Microsoft's DirectX version 9.0b or later
  • 2 GHz Pentium 4 or faster
  • 512 MB RAM or more
  • SoundBlaster or compatible sound card
  • A graphics card with 3D and DVD video acceleration and 64MB or more dedicated video RAM.  Integrated video systems that share memory with the processor are not recommended.  Assuming your PC meets the other requirements, a fast video card will give you the most bang for the buck.  Cards targeted at the gaming or multimedia market with newer chipsets from ATI or NVIDIA should work well.  Two cards or a single card with dual independent video outputs are required for dual monitor display.
  • DVD compatible drive
  • WinDVD 6 or PowerDVD 6 for DVD playback


You can get the latest version of DirectX here.


BioExplorer trial version

Download BioExplorer trial : time limited trial version.



BioExplorer full version downloads

The following versions require the hardware key included with your copy of BioExplorer.

Download BioExplorer version 1.7 ( for Green license dongle

Download BioExplorer version 1.7 ( for Blue/Purple (HASP) license dongle

  • Added support for Clear Mind 2 device.

  • Fix support for some HASP keys (error 0x7101).

Download BioExplorer version 1.7 ( for Green license dongle

Download BioExplorer version 1.7 ( for Blue/Purple (HASP) license dongle

  • Timer settings now correctly saved with design.

  • Title bar displays correct version.

BioExplorer version 1.7 (

  • Updated HASP driver.

Download BioExplorer version 1.7 (

  • Bug Fix: Instrument captions sometimes did not display.

  • Bug Fix: Issues regarding load time and memory usage with large designs.

  • Change: BioExplorer’s document folders (Designs, Sessions, etc.) now default to the user’s Documents folder in Windows.

Download BioExplorer version 1.7 (

  • Fixed TLC Step 4 issue with QWiz driver.

  • Updated HASP drivers to fix issues with Windows 10, false antivirus flagging.

Download BioExplorer version 1.6 (

  • Improvements to Pocket Neurobics Wiz driver.

  • Updated HASP drivers to better support Windows 8.1

Download BioExplorer version 1.6 (

  • Added support for the NeuroField Q20 device.

  • BioExplorer now installs the latest driver for the Neurobit Optima device.

Download BioExplorer version 1.6 beta 4 (

  • Bug fix: on some systems the Add Device and Add Object lists were empty.

  • Updates to the PN Wiz driver.

Download BioExplorer version 1.6 beta 3 (

  • First pass at Pocket Neurobics WIZ (PN Wiz) driver.

Download BioExplorer version 1.6 beta 2 (

  • Neurobit Optima driver attempts to connect at a more reasonable rate.

  • Added support for the PhysioData GP8 and RV.

  • Can now set the Pocket Neurobics dongle RF channel from the device's property page.

  • Added support for the Pocket Neurobics Pendant HEG.

  • Added support for the NeuroSky MindWave.

  • Added support for the Emotiv EPOC.  To use the EPOC with BioExplorer you must have a research headset and SDK.  The consumer and developer version headsets do not support raw EEG data access.  Configure BioExplorer by choosing Preferences from the BioExplorer menu, select the Emotiv tab, and then enter the path to your Emotiv SDK.

Download BioExplorer version 1.6 beta 1 (

  • Update J&J Driver - now supports USB 2.

  • Update Jeff Carmen HEG device drivers.

  • Open EEG Device - expanded to support the six channels supported by the P2 protocol.  Fixed gain of ~0.5uV per bit.

  • Added support for the Pocket Neurobics Pulse 1, changed other PN driver names for consistency.

  • Increased precision of filter frequency display.

  • Improved Pulse Detector object algorithm.

  • Button object now has a reset input.

  • DVD Player can maintain aspect ratio.

  • Added option to directly connect DVD decoder filters.

  • Main control bar Pause button will now toggle between pause and play.

  • Added support for the NeuroSky MindSet device.

  • Added support for the Neurobit Optima 2/4 devices.

  • Added support for the TDS Alpha 200 amplifier.

  • Added support for the power line notch filter in TDS Alpha 200/400.

  • IMPORTANT: The Alpha 200/400 now require version 4 drivers from TDS to work with BioExplorer, you can get them here .

BioExplorer version 1.5 (

  • Bug Fix: handle decoders that crash during the DVD Decoder setup process

Download BioExplorer version 1.5 beta 3 (

  • Minor DVD Player improvements

Download BioExplorer version 1.5 beta 2 (

  • Minor DVD Player improvements

  • Bug Fix: some objects were not being added to the Objects menu

  • Bug Fix: Score object wasn't always playing its sound file

Download BioExplorer version 1.5 beta 1 (

  • Added support for the Alpha400/Intellifier400 devices

  • Added support for Jeff Carmen's HEG device

  • Bug fix: CD player should now work reliably on Windows Vista

  • Bug fix: several crashing issues resolved

  • EEGInfo NeuroAmp device is available in this version

  • QPET device is available in this version

Download BioExplorer version 1.4 beta 2 (

  • Bug fix: no longer required to run as administrator on Windows Vista

Download BioExplorer version 1.4 beta 1 (

  • Compatible with Windows Vista

Download BioExplorer version 1.3 (

  • Threshold's Increase/Decrease mode can now be used to reverse the Ratio output.

  • Raised the maximum sample rate of the BrainMaster+ driver to 900 samples per second.

  • Added an option to disable the session timer sound.

  • The destination folder for auto-generated session names can now be set at startup with a command line argument.

  • Bug fix: a client that disconnects ungracefully (e.g. client program crashes, network connection fails, etc) could block the Server object from sending data to other clients.

Download BioExplorer version 1.3 beta 2 (

  • The Flash Player object now verifies that the correct version of Flash is installed, and warns the user if it's not found.

  • Can now access help information for any object by right-clicking the object or its instrument display.

  • Improved the performance of the Pulse Detector object's detection algorithm.

  • Added 'Error' modes for some objects.  An object that has an error will turn red in the Signal Diagram, and will not process data.  The errors currently supported are related to frequency range or bandwidth.  For example, setting the Bandpass Filter's frequency range to 50-80 Hz when the sample rate is 128 sps will result in an error.

  • Bug Fix: DVD Player pause and enable did not work reliably with some DVDs

  • Bug Fix: "VMR On" was displayed on the DVD Player's status bar in some cases when it was not available.

  • Bug Fix: In some cases the MindTuner driver would crash if it could not connect to a MindTuner device.

Download BioExplorer version 1.3 beta 1 (

  • Added a Flash Player object and two sample Flash animations.

  • Added an interface that allows third-party applications to receive signal data from BioExplorer in real-time.  This interface will facilitate the development of games and other BioExplorer add-ons.  See the "BioExplorer Client Interface" topic in the help file for more information.

  • Added support for the MindTuner device.

  • Added support for the SpectraLite device.

  • Added a ratio output to the Threshold object.

  • Can now set pass and fail colors for the Threshold bar.

  • Improved response time of the Oscilloscope's auto-sensitivity feature.

  • BioExplorer will now display all DVD-compatible audio and video decoders installed on your PC, and allow you to specify which decoders the DVD Player object should use.

  • Added full-screen support to the DVD Player.

  • Removed the 'Enable Size/Brightness' option from the DVD Player.  It will now automatically enable this feature if the DVD decoder and video card support it.

  • Raised the maximum sample rate of the J&J C2 and C2+ drivers to 1024 samples per second.

  • Raised the maximum sample rate of the BrainMaster+ driver to 800 samples per second.

Download BioExplorer version 1.2 (

  • Added support for the Pocket A3 device.

  • WM DVD Player displays a warning message if Windows Media Player 10 is not installed.

  • WM DVD Player drive selection saved with design.

  • Added a button to the WM DVD Player control bar to switch to full-screen mode.

  • Added a button to the WM DVD Player to display the Windows Media Player menu.

  • Bug fix: Source objects did not display the device channel they were connected to in BioReview.

BioExplorer version 1.2 beta (

  • Added an Auto/Manual control input to the Threshold objects.

  • Added a new DVD Player object, the WM DVD Player.  See the Help file for important setup information.

  • DVD Player "Control" button text turns red in the enabled state to improve mode visibility.

  • Added a method to update the Source objects in a BioReview report.

  • Renamed Minder Labs AI and AII devices to Pocket A1 and Pocket A2.

  • Bug Fix: couldn't set the background color of the Range Threshold object.

  • Bug Fix: DVD on-screen menus wouldn't display on some systems with the DVD Player object.

  • Bug Fix: Trend object "grid on top" setting wasn't working correctly.

Download BioExplorer version 1.1 (

  • Setup program prompts for reboot after installation.

BioExplorer version 1.1 beta (

  • Added support for the J&J C2 Mini device.

  • Simplified channel selection/configuration for all C2 devices.

  • Bug Fix: Video Player would not play on some systems, even with Size/Brightness control disabled.

  • Bug Fix: Meter object could crash BioExplorer if display value was too large (> 128 digits).

BioExplorer version 1.1 beta (

  • Microsoft's DirectX 9.0 or later is now required.  BioExplorer will display an error message if it is not installed.  The DirectX 9.0b setup program can be found on your BioExplorer installation CD.

  • Added support for the J&J I-330-C2 device.

  • Added support for the new Brainquiry PET line of devices.

  • Added Brightness and Size inputs to the DVD and Video Player objects.

  • Added a 'seek' control to the DVD Player.

  • Added a Filter object.  This object performs low or high-pass filtering.

  • Added SampleRate and Time variables to the Expression Evaluator.

  • Added a Score object.

  • Added 'Thick Line' setting to the Oscilloscope and Trend objects.

  • Oscilloscope can 'oversample', reducing the effect of visual aliasing.

  • Added an Auto Range setting to the Trend object.

  • Added an X-Y Oscilloscope object.

  • Coherence object now calculates the phase difference of its input signals.

  • Maximum sample rate raised to 512 samples per second, for those devices that can support it (J&J C2/C2+, Minder Labs Pendant, BrainMaster+).

  • Bandpass filter now supports up to order 16 for IIR filters and bandwidths down to 0.1Hz.

  • Added HEG averaging to the BrainMaster+ driver.

  • The original BrainMaster driver verifies that the sample rate is 122.  This is important as the BioExplorer BrainMaster+ driver and other software can change the device sample rate.

  • The z-order or layering of Instruments is now locked unless in 'Edit Layout' mode.  It is also saved as part of the design.  This allows you to overlap instruments and guarantee their visibility.

  • Bug Fix: The WaveRider PRO channel C & D signal range was set incorrectly.

  • Bug Fix: Window's file association now works.  For example, double-clicking a bxd (design) file in Windows Explore will automatically open that file in BioExplorer.

BioExplorer version 1.0 beta 7

  • Added support for the J&J I-330-C2+ device.

  • Added support for the QDS NFK 256 device.

  • You can now specify which DVD decoders to use in BioExplorer's preferences - this should give more reliable performance.

  • The Power Ratio object has been renamed to 'Band Ratio'.  It can be configured to calculate either the power or amplitude ratio of two frequency bands.

  • Range Threshold object now displays the percent success over the previous epoch.

  • Added cut/paste support to the design notes window.

  • Expression Evaluator now supports up to 20 inputs.

  • Right-clicking the device name in the status bar will open its properties dialog.

  • Bug Fix: Expression Evaluator works at up to the maximum number of inputs.

  • Bug Fix: Numeric input should work on non-English installations of Windows, without having to change the input language.

  • Bug Fix: the Expression Evaluator documentation had some errors regarding the INT, MOD, and FMOD functions.

BioExplorer version 1.0 beta 6

  • Added a Range Threshold object.

  • The threshold values used by the Threshold and Range Threshold objects are now available in the Signal Diagram.

  • Session timer settings can be loaded from and saved to designs.

  • Double-clicking the device name in the status bar opens the device properties dialog.

  • Can manually set the labels for Oscilloscope and Trend channels, as opposed to just using the connected object name.

  • Added HASP driver updates to work with Windows XP service pack 2 (SP2).

BioExplorer version 1.0 beta 5

  • You can now specify how the MIDI object reacts to the Enable input, using the 'Force Note on Enable' property.

  • Added a 'Play Immediately' property to the general preferences.  When set, BioExplorer will start playing immediately when 'Record on Play' is enabled, even when prompting for session info, file name, etc.  If cleared, BioExplorer will wait for this info to be entered before playing.

  • Bug Fix: BioExplorer didn't notify the user when stopping a session recording due to a device change (e.g. sample rate change, removing a device, etc.)

BioExplorer version 1.0 beta 4

  • Added a Sample/Hold object.

  • Added an alternative synchronization method to the BrainMaster driver.

BioExplorer version 1.0 beta 3

  • Added Min and Max objects, output the minimum and maximum value of a signal.

  • Added a Button object.  Can be used to manually toggle a signal value.

  • Added a Reset input to the Counter object.

  • Can configure BioExplorer to export summary and epoch-based statistics while recording a session.

  • Can auto-generate session filenames based on the current date and subject name.

  • All file open/save dialogs now remember and open to the last directory used.

  • New menu item under Session - 'Playback Last Recorded', provides an easy way to playback a session after recording it.

  • Option to stop or pause with the session timer.

  • Status bar indicates the current CPU utilization when running on Windows 2000 and XP.  This can be useful when determining if a design is too complex to run on a given PC.

  • Devices now indicate which serial port they are using in the Source object and status bar (e.g. 'WaveRider jr on COM2').

  • Additional device info is now included in the status bar: battery level (if supported by the device), sample rate, bytes per second received, and communication errors.

  • BioExplorer now determines which serial ports are available on your PC and displays only those when setting up a device connection.

  • Added drivers for the A-I wireless and Pendant EEG from Minder Labs.

  • Can select the grid in the Trend object to be above or below the trend graphs.

  • 'Line Width' setting in BioReview's Chart properties.

  • Bug Fix: occasionally the Video and DVD player objects would 'lose' their video until they were resized.

  • Bug Fix: the setup program will now succeed with repair or uninstall even if the BioExplorer directory has been manually deleted.

  • Bug Fix: the installation program did not register all components of BioExplorer in some cases, causing 'Initialize Globals: Failed...' messages when starting the program.

  • Bug Fix: BioReview charts wouldn't print correctly in some cases if the background colors were not white.

BioExplorer version 1.0 beta 2

  • Trend object – this object displays the mean value of one or more signals over a user specified time period (e.g. 10 minutes). New data is added to the right side and the display scrolls to the left, so the last `x' amount of time is always visible.

  • Trigger input for the Audio Player object. When a trigger is received, the next audio file in the playlist will be played completely through.

  • Support for the WaveRider CEO device.

  • Support for the BraInquiry device.

  • Percent amplitude and percent power scales for the Spectrum Analyzer.

  • Option to `Record on Play' in the program preferences. If this option is enabled, BioExplorer will assume you want to record when you press play from the stopped state. The `Record Session' dialog will be displayed, allowing you to specify a file name. You can either enter a file name to continue recording, or press Cancel to play without recording.

  • You can now enter a fixed range for each Oscilloscope channel (e.g. 0 – 60uV) as an alternative to setting the sensitivity. This can be useful for viewing filter amplitudes or other unipolar signals without wasting half the Oscilloscope screen area.

  • Bug Fix: BioExplorer can now use serial port COM10 and higher to connect to a device.

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